Ditching the Disappointment: How to Have the Proper Locums Perspective

by Kelly Starkey 26/02/2019

ny physicians are excited when they decide to pursue locums work. The idea of more freedom, money and control over their lives gives them a feeling of exhilaration. However, that feeling of excitement soon turns into disappointment when things don’t go quite as planned. To keep this from happening, there are four steps you must take.

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Locums 101: Getting Back to Basics

by Kelly Starkey 23/01/2019

At the start of the new year, physicians often take time to reflect on their careers. Many physicians consider making changes in their professional lives and […]

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Locums Year End Tips and Tricks!

by Kelly Starkey 06/11/2018
Locums Year End Tips and Tricks! Now that we have reached the end of the year, there is the temptation to relax and party our way [...] Read more