Locums Firm Redefining Efficiency in Healthcare Staffing Charleston, SC, October 15, 2019 – South Carolina-based Floyd Lee Locums is investing and impressing with its expanded focus [...]

Understanding how every specialist physician can benefit from performing Locums work. Join Dr. Stephanie in discovering those reasons and benefits.

Locums Firm Doubles Down on VP Growth Charleston, SC, September 25, 2019 – Floyd Lee Locums is pleased to announce two changes designed to increase its [...]

It doesn’t take much to be a successful locums physician. Making these five simple changes can do a lot to elevate your locums game.

Surviving the Summer Heat It’s that time of year again - for fun summer vacations and soaring temperatures. Whether you’re traveling to a warmer climate for [...]

Dr. Stephanie has learned a lot from her years of locums experience. Read on to find out the one thing she believes you can never have enough of!

50 Years of Pride and More On June 28, 1969, the dam broke in New York. LGBTQ+ members, long pushed to the periphery of society, started [...]

Many physicians are excited when they decide to pursue locums work. The idea of more freedom, money, and control over their lives gives them a feeling of exhilaration.[…]

Memorial Day: Respect & Remembrance By Natasha Lee, CEO of Floyd Lee Locums Today is one of the most meaningful days of the year for Floyd [...]

It can be very overwhelming to decide which locums company to choose. If you consider these three things, you can save yourself a lot of time and stress.

Team Continues to Grow at Leading Locums Firm Parin Patel and Richell Ragin join Floyd Lee Locums in new roles Charleston, SC, May 6, 2019 – [...]

The old adage says, “Walk a mile in someone’s shoes.” And as a healthcare staffing professional, your shoes hold the answers to your organization’s challenges, opportunities […]

“As a locums physician, it is essential that you are always looking for your next assignment. Throughout my 10 years as a locums physician, I have discovered some products that can make your life—and organization—much better.”

It can be hard to get reliable locums advice. Check out this exclusive interview with two locums experts to learn what it takes to be a successful locums practitioner!

Each year, as tax season rolls around, Floyd Lee Locums gets a lot of questions about what filing rules apply to locums professionals. While no tips […]

The Benefits of Life as a Locum Nurse Practitioner Locum tenens roles are on the rise. And while many nurse practitioners receive adequate professional and financial [...]

Doctors are incredible. They hear us, help us and heal us. They usher us through each stage of life, guiding our well-being and healthcare decisions. That’s […]

Every year, on March 17, tens of millions of Americans will get together with family and friends to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. All across the country, […]

Culture is an interesting thing. It’s teaches us where we came from, informs who we are, and inspires the generations that follow. Many of us pour […]

Being a locums physician can be difficult; the assignments are challenging, and inevitably you have to find the next one. Learn from one of the best on how to remain optimistic and beat the fear of disappointment.

Service members never compromise when it comes to commitment. They are always ready to go the extra mile. So, when it is our chance to serve [...]

At the start of the new year, physicians often take time to reflect on their careers. Many physicians consider making changes in their professional lives and […]

When it comes to vacations, maternity/paternity leaves, or otherwise, physicians are like everyone else: They deserve their R&R and some time away from work. But how [...]

The healthcare industry is arguably one of the most emotionally satisfying and rewarding industries in the world. And healthcare professionals who provide life-saving care can now [...]

Locum Tenens: Four Common Myths and Misconceptions In my experience, many physicians are interested in performing locums work but are reluctant to do so. Several of [...]

Floyd Lee Locums’ CEO Named One of SIA’s Top 100 Women in Staffing Charleston, SC, October 8, 2018 – The Top 100 Women on the Staffing [...]

Floyd Lee Locums Doubled Up and Welcomes a Pair of Staffing Leaders Chad Hales and Amy Meyers Join the Locums Organization Charleston, SC, October 3, 2018 [...]

Locums Year End Tips and Tricks! Now that we have reached the end of the year, there is the temptation to relax and party our way [...]

A Latin phrase meaning “to substitute, or to hold the place of,” locum tenens comes with several advantages. With a mission to provide quality medical care [...]

Living La Vida Locums: How to Celebrate the Holiday Season Locums Style! Anyone who has had a locums role for any amount of time knows that [...]

Floyd Lee Locums’ Chad Hales Rides for More than Himself At Floyd Lee Locums, “concierge” and “elite” go hand-in-hand. The first is how you choose to [...]

“We Serve” Cycles for Foster Care On a sunny August day in Granite Falls, NC, hundreds gathered to give time, dollars and hope to children awaiting [...]

Managing Expectations: Three Tools for Success and Satisfaction as a Locums Doctor An expectation is a strong belief that something will happen or is supposed to [...]

On an average day, we get to talk with a wide range of healthcare professionals. One minute, we’re introducing a new clinician to locum tenens—then the [...]

Have you been looking for Nurse Practitioner jobs for months now? Have you failed at finding the perfect one? In the event you haven’t secured a [...]

“We Serve” Blood Drive Brings Giving Center Stage As so many in the healthcare profession know, service doesn’t stop at the front door. It extends to [...]

Roll Call: Another Industry Expert Joins Growing Locums Firm Floyd Lee Locums Enlists Consultant Tracy Zeidler for Psychiatry Division Charleston, SC, June 21, 2018 – True [...]

Dr. Stephanie discusses the locums mindset on Facebook Live When doctors decide to start pursuing locums work, they are initially excited. However, that excitement can turn [...]

Enjoy New Opportunities in Healthcare with a Locum Tenens Service Company The healthcare industry is one of the most rewarding industries in the world, provided you [...]

Dr. Stephanie discusses success in locums on Facebook Live Working as a locums physician has many benefits: increased time, greater pay, and more control over your […]

Pride on Peachtree A personal story of acceptance and understanding. In the early 90s, I moved to Atlanta, GA, to pursue the “big city” lifestyle. Atlanta, [...]

Physician Assistants & Nurse Practitioners: 4 Facts You Need to Know Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners play a major role in our healthcare system today. The [...]

As the U.S. faces a shortage of mental health professionals, there is an urgent call for medical professionals to fill in the gaps and support the [...]

Dr. Stephanie discusses licensing on Facebook Live Obtaining an unrestricted state medical license is the most important step in starting out as a locums physician. The […]

Finding Nurse Practitioner Jobs Just Got Easier Just because you chose a career in nursing doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy work/life freedom, flexibility and variety. Serving [...]

Dr Stephanie discusses the use of locums agencies on Facebook Live One of the most common pieces of advice I got when I started doing locums [...]

Locum Tenens Nurse Practitioner: A Career Opportunity You Must Consider Pursuing Building a worthwhile career is imperative for every individual. However, finding satisfaction and happiness in [...]

3 Factors to Consider Before Taking a Locum Tenens Job Locum tenens provides a perfect alternative to the conventional healthcare professional. But, like every contract-based career, [...]

Travel and Earn More as a Locum Tenens Physician Assistant In a 2017 Medscape article, it was noted that 94% of healthcare facility managers hired locums [...]

Travel and Earn More as a Locum Tenens Physician Assistant Every individual wants career success. But to get the best possible job, you have to invest [...]

Why Locums is Perfect for Your Medical Facility? Around the country, staffing is a challenge for medical facilities managing planned and unplanned vacancies. With less physicians [...]

Being able to help others at a critical time in their lives is the most rewarding aspect of a Nurse Anesthetist’s job. But it still comes [...]

Dr Stephanie discusses overcoming obstacles on Facebook Live. Contributed by Dr. Stephanie E. Freeman Stephanie E. Freeman, MD, earned her Medical Degree from the University of Alabama […]

Why Working as a Locum Tenens Physician Assistant is a Good Choice Working as a full-time physician assistant is what most physicians imagine when they are [...]

Thinking About Locums? Here is How to Get Started The New Year brings change and an opportunity for a fresh start. It is a great time [...]

``Every breath, every beat, every second`` How CRNA Week inspires us to be our best selves Over 150 years ago, when our nation was in the [...]

The Family Fit: How Locum Tenens Can Benefit Your Household Your family is your first priority. They’re the reason you do what you do. And they [...]

How Locums Creates Leaders Healthcare leaders play a vital role in every facility, and as such, these positions are regularly in high demand at facilities across [...]

Locums: Isn’t It Time…? When we talk to clinicians about their career challenges, we often hear about some of the same pain points. Considerations like pay, [...]

Common Physician Employee Contract Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them As a young physician, searching for a job is source of excitement and fear. You are [...]

Think Fast! A Lesson in Effective Locum Tenens Remember your schoolyard days when someone would say, “Think fast”? Older siblings and gym class giants handed this [...]

Year End Tips for the Locums Physician It is hard to believe that 2017 is almost over! The holiday season offers a chance to relax and [...]

Locums Firm Expands its Roster of Industry Experts FLOYD LEE LOCUMS BRINGS KEMI UPCHURCH ON BOARD AS REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT Charleston, SC, November 14, 2017 – [...]

Burnout & You: Solutions for Daily Living Part 2 of our series: Identifying the Problem Read Part 1 of our series: Identifying the Problem When it [...]

Expert Q&A: Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC) ANSWERS TO MULTIPLE STATE LICENSURE WITH FLOYD LEE LOCUMS’ CEO NATASHA LEE As all things healthcare continue to live [...]

Burnout & You: Identifying the Problem Part 1 in a two-part series on burnout in the healthcare profession Everyone, at one time or another, has experienced [...]

Demystifying Employee Benefits for Locums Physicians Contributed by: Dr. Stephanie E. Freeman Watch Dr Stephanie's Facebook Live on this topic Working as a locums doctor gives [...]

Five Things to Look for When Choosing a Locums Company Contributed by: Dr. Stephanie E. Freeman The easiest and most effective way to find locums assignments [...]

What is a Concierge Locums company? I recently wrote an article on Five Things to Look for When Choosing a Locums Company, where I talked about [...]

The Locums Toolkit: Five Things You Need for Success as A Locums Working as a locums physician is fun and exciting. It offers freedom by allowing [...]

Doctors: Don’t let student debt repayment become a career anchor LOSE THE STRINGS BY DISCOVERING THE POTENTIAL OF LOCUM TENENS You’ve studied for years. Completed residency [...]

You Are the Solution to the Physician Shortage Working as a locums physician has many benefits including increased freedom, flexibility, and the ability to earn more [...]

You Are the Solution to the Physician Shortage The physician shortage in our country is no secret, but the opportunities for physicians like you to alleviate [...]

Let Locums Inspire Your Journey“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo [...]

Checklist: Leaving Home for Locums Locum tenens offers amazing opportunities to travel and see new places while maintaining your home base to keep you grounded.  Getting [...]

North Carolina: Serving Up a Foodie's Dream Attention, foodies! Calling all wine connoisseurs! Hear ye, craft brew lovers! We’ve mentioned before that North Carolina is great [...]

Getting the Most Rewards from Locums Travel Working locum tenens can be an expansive and rewarding career opportunity, but it also an great opportunity to maximize [...]

Acclaimed ICU Physician and Career Coach to Partner with Locums Firm Floyd Lee Locums Enlists Dr. Stephanie Freeman as Brand Ambassador Charleston, SC, August 8, 2017 [...]

The Beach Is Calling. Bring Your Work To It! One of the obvious perks of working locums is squeezing in a little vacation time while you’re [...]

Locum Tenens Start-Up Brings Another Top-Tier Hire On Board Charleston, SC, July 25, 2017 – Floyd Lee Locums announced today Michelle Lathan has taken the reins as [...]

Top 5 Apps for Your Summer in Locums The days are getting longer; temperatures are rising; traffic is probably a nightmare; kids are out of school [...]

App Spotlight: Apps to guide you on your next locums assignment Technology can be an invaluable resource for exploring a new city, even when you’re not far [...]

Don’t Let Locums Break Your Commitment to Health Do you have a regular exercise routine at home or are you looking to kick start a new [...]

Floyd Lee Locums in the News! FORMER TRINITY HEALTHCARE EXECS LAUNCH NEW FIRM Reprinted from Staffing Industry Analysts Former executives of Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group launched [...]

Floyd Lee Locums in the News: lowcountrybiz "Veteran staffing industry executives launch physician staffing firm Floyd Lee Locums" Reprinted from lowcountrybizSC Veteran staffing industry executives Matt Floyd [...]

Floyd Lee Locums Shoutout in StaffingIndustryAnalysts Reprinted from StaffingIndustryAnalysts Matt Floyd is the founder and chairman and Natasha Lee is the CEO of Floyd Lee Locums, a new physician [...]

Join us for World Blood Donor Day! “Give blood. Give now. Give often.” On June 14, the World Health Organization gives its annual call to arms [...]

Veteran Staffing Industry Executives Launch Physician Staffing Firm Floyd Lee Locums Locum Tenens Division of Former Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group Becomes New Entity Led by Industry [...]

Celebrating and Giving Back To Service Members Today and Every Day Thinking about Memorial Day and enjoying a few days of rest and relaxation with family [...]

How Nurse Anesthetists Are Finding More Time to Focus on Patient Care How Nurse Anesthetists Are Finding More Time to Focus on Patient Care For those [...]

How Teacher Appreciation Week Got Me Thinking Teacher helping students in school classroom. Horizontally framed shot. As a parent, I was thrilled to celebrate Teacher Appreciation [...]