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Floyd Lee Locums’ Chad Hales Rides for More than Himself

by Kelly Starkey in Community Impact, Locums Lifestyle, Our Story, Our Style 01/10/2018

Floyd Lee Locums’ Chad Hales Rides for More than Himself

At Floyd Lee Locums, “concierge” and “elite” go hand-in-hand. The first is how you choose to present yourself—the second is what you do to stand above the rest. No one embodies these two qualities better than our Provider Services Consultant, Chad Hales.

For the past 25 years, Chad has been riding and racing bikes. Enamored by the sport early on, he thrived on the fact it required a strong work ethic—and the dedication of both mind and body. Just like his commitment to serving those who serve others, he committed himself year after year to becoming a better athlete.

“I have learned so many life lessons biking,” Chad says. “If you want to grow and excel, there is no faking a work out. You cannot cheat your effort. A climb never decreases in difficulty; you just become faster and more efficient in your ability to climb.” That attitude and wherewithal brought Chad personal records and a bit of perspective. But he has more than just love for the sport motivating him.

“I ride and push myself today for my kids,” Chad notes. “My son was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 6 weeks old. I ride to set an example for my children that we can overcome difficult things. We make no excuses for the cards we’ve been dealt, find joy in the journey, and keep an optimistic mindset, always looking for the positives in any situation.”

Most recently, Chad competed against 901 racers in the LOTOJA, where he placed 4th in his category overall. A success to be sure—but the journey continues. Chad is already right back in the saddle for another ride, another race, another expression of how he truly is elite.

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