3 Factors to Consider Before Taking a Locum Tenens Job

by Kelly Starkey in Career Concierge, Job Market, Our Style, Stats & Researches 01/05/2018

3 Factors to Consider Before Taking a Locum Tenens Job

Locum tenens provides a perfect alternative to the conventional healthcare professional. But, like every contract-based career, its suitability will depend on the jobs you take. Although locum doctors work through recruiting agencies, there are other factors which one needs to consider:

  1. Location – Locums contracts can take you to exquisite, but remote regions. So, be sure to do proper research about the area. Location plays a vital role in every job. Evaluating the options in front of you is imperative in finding the perfect position.
  2. History of the facility – Apart from your recruiting agency, the internet is the next best way to learn about a facility. You will find an extensive network of locum tenens doctors out there who are eager to share their locums experiences—maybe even about the location you are considering. Reading these will be very helpful in deciding if a contract role is right for you.
  3. Remuneration – For several healthcare professionals, salary can be the determining factor. So, calculate the average living cost in the area of contract. It will significantly help in computing the gross income.

Are you looking for locum physician jobs or locum tenens psychiatry jobs? If yes, then these factors will help you in finding the best career fit.